Health Insurance

I have carried health insurance through my late husbands employer since he passed away in 2005, survivor benefits. The only one I deleted off the plan was my former step daughter. i did that in or around March 1, 2006, 8-9 months after her 18th birthday.

A few minutes ago, I just deleted my son off the plan. He will be 25 years old, and he has insurance through his employer, though his insurance is different than mine. If he didn’t have insurance through his employer, I wouldn’t have done so until he was able to get insurance or he turned 26, whichever came first.

Anyway, taking him off, my premium went down $283 and change. WOW!

I have insurance through my job as well, and I want to and will keep the double coverage, it’s a bit more doable now.

I still feel guilty, LOL. I had told my son I was going to have to take this step and he was like, “It’s fine, Mom.” I’m taking it harder than he is, LOL

I kept my daughter on the insurance until she turned 26, then she got insurance through her employer.

I’m just glad we all have health insurance.


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