It’s been a time and not a fun time, but I’m still smiling. 🙂 I hadn’t paid my bills in a month because I didn’t work, and now all my credit cards have late fees. I can deal with that, as I will call and explain my situation, but they have also stopped accepting automatic billing, so now I’m stuck. It’s ok though, I will get back on track.

I’m off for a month during summer. One week right after school ends and then for 3 weeks at the the end of summer school. This year was the hardest and worst experience during this time.

I believe ageism is playing a part even to find a part time job, but I’m not giving up.

It is hot as hell here today, before 10am it was in the 90’s, and right now, according to my weather apps, one says 108 degrees and the other says 106 degrees. GEEZUS!!!

Anyway…Happy Sunday to you all! Stay safe, stay COOL and STAY HYDRATED for SURE!!



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