Beautifully Stated

My husband let go, not because he didn’t love his kids, but because he LOVED his kids and saw the pain there was. He also was not going to be disrespected by them or their mother anymore. He told them he would always be there for him, if they ever wanted to contact him again. He had hope of a future relationship with his kids, when they were out from the grip and control of their mother. Sadly, that did not come to pass. He died, suddenly and unexpectedly, 5 months after his last support payment was made.

Charlie McCready  · 

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We let go because we love, and we don’t want to hold on to or exacerbate the conflict. An alienating parent absolutely thrives on conflict and then blames it all on us. It is counter-intuitive to let go when we love so much, but because we love so much, and we don’t want to create more pain and suffering, because we worry about the harm being caused to our child/ren, we let go (of the fight/anger/past). This is unconditional love. We don’t give up hope. We don’t quit working towards a better life for us and our child/ren. We don’t forget. We don’t even feel like we’ve lost because we don’t see our child/ren’s life as a game, we don’t see it as winners and losers. We hold firm, we wait, we embody peace, calm, strength, and LOVE. We strive to be happy. We believe we are sovereign, as are our children. A sense of freedom comes from letting go of the negativity in our lives – those situations and people – because holding onto them or fighting them is not helpful, it is beneath us, and it holds us in grief and anger. We ‘target’ parents are tested in the most challenging and heartbreaking way imaginable (most people cannot imagine, and do not understand), but there are many of us. We are not alone. We stand together. We know. we’ve got this. We LOVE.

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