It’s My Turn…..

On 11/28, I came home from work a little early. Literally, like 1/2 hour to 45 minutes before I was off. To make a long story short, later on that evening, I tested positive for COVID for the first time!

This was the LAST thing I thought of. At first, I thought that because the weather changed again, I was having one of my seasonal asthma/allergy attack, but just exhausted. As the day progressed, I thought, oh, I must be getting an upper respiratory infection because now I feel pressure in my chest.

I didn’t have my car at work, so I was able to contact my daughter and she was able to leave work to come pick me up, take me to Starbucks so I can buy her something for her picking me up and to buy myself a Medicine Ball. We went to two Starbucks, NEITHER had the Medicine Ball, but I ended up getting a Venti Royal English Breakfast Tea with lemonade and one pump of Honey blend. It was DELICIOUS.

From there, my daughter drove me to our Transportation yard, I got in my car and drove straight home. I changed into shorts, and laid down for a few minutes, before taking a covid test.

About 4pm, I took the test, set my alarm to read it in 30 minutes. I conked out. When my alarm went off, I got up, read the test, thought, “Ok, it’s negative” and went right back to sleep.

My daughter, in the meantime, had come home after me, did a few things and then said she’ll read the results when she came back. It was 3 hours later. She said, “Mom, this says POSITIVE, a T is POSITIVE” I, being half asleep, questioned her and the results. Then I said, “Shit, I’ll just take another test….”30 minutes later, it had a T…POSITIVE. OH GREAT…..

You know, I posted on FB the other day that I was trying to stay home, call in sick, on 11/29, because it was the 17th anniversary of Keith’s passing. I felt guilty for thinking about calling in sick because I had just gotten off a weeks vacation, however, what I can say now is “be careful what you wish for” LOL. Testing positive for covid, TWICE Monday afternoon and evening, being FORCED to stay home, was not in my plans. Thanks, but no thanks, ya know?

I did have to laugh at a point my sister made, that, working where I work, in the environment that I work in, COVID was NOT the first thing I thought of, and not only that, but I didn’t even believe the test the FIRST time I took it, I had to take it again, LOL I told her that I have experience with the way I feel with my seasonal allergies/asthma, and sinus/upper respiratory infections, so I was in that frame of mind, Covid not even in my minds eye, LOL.

This has been a crazy experience. The coughing, the stuffed up yet runny nose, I even had a slight bloody nose once, this bitch of a headache, the NO ENERGY, I woke up hot a few times, the temp app I have said 100.8 at one point 99.5 at another. My inhalers have helped a great deal with the pressure in my chest, now I just hurts to cough because I cough so much, but thank GOD I had been able to get a refill on both inhalers. My body aches, my hands ache, funny that my osteo arthritic knee doesn’t, LOL.

I have gotten my taste and smell back a bit, thank GOD, but that was just this morning. Prior to that, I’ve eaten, but pretended I could taste and smell, WISHING with every bite that I catch a slight taste of something, but with no luck. I had hot sauce (Cholula) in a breakfast burrito I craved, which was WEIRD… and while I couldn’t taste the hot sauce, (or anything else) I FELT it, not in the “hot” sense, but, well, I don’t know how to describe it, but IYKYK, and the same with the spread sauce from In-n-Out, couldn’t taste it, but could “feel” it.

Anyway, I have started on the Covid meds, Paxlovid, and have to take the evening dose in a bit. I think it’s helped with getting my sort of sense of taste and smell back.

I hope you all are doing good out there!! I can hardly wait to get back to feeling normal!!💚 💚

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