Spring Break 2001

Back in Feb. 2001 I used my credit card to buy tickets for the kids to visit their dad.

I have not received payment/reimbursement from J for her half. I was prompted to write this email, today: 4/8/01 at 4:31 pm.

“J U,

On 2/18/01, I purchased airfare from Alaska airlines in the amount of $419.00 total for reservation code, XXXXXX. You were sent a copy of the receipt via email on 2/18/01. You acknowledged receiving it on 2/20/01. Your half of this amount is $209.50 and is still due me.

This purchase was made by me, using MY personal credit card, according to the reservations and time frame of purchase YOU made on 2/17/01 for the sole purpose of visitation between my husband Keith (last name) and his kids, N and L (last name).

After 1 inquiry into the status of your reimbursement (on 3/6/01) from Keith on my behalf, and 2 formal demands for payment, from Keith on my behalf (on 3/9/01 one was by email, and one was by USPS Priority Delivery Confirmation, that you received on 3/12/01) giving you 15 days to remit payment, you have failed and refused to send your share of the airfare in full in the amount of $209.50.

As a matter of record and fact, on 3/15/01, you wrote a letter to Keith and his attorney Jack N. and advised BOTH of them that your half of the airfare would be paid in full by April 7th. You have failed and refused to follow that date as well.

Your issues with Keith are just that, but the fact that MY credit card was used in the manner it was and for the purpose that it was, gives me every legal right to seek reimbursement from you PERSONALLY.

This is now MY FORMAL DEMAND FOR PAYMENT. You now have until no later than, Friday, April 27th, 2001 to remit payment TO ME. This will have given you 9 weeks and 5 days to remit payment TO ME. Should you once again, fail and refuse to remit payment TO ME, by and no later than April 27th, 2001, then I will have no other choice but to proceed with this matter through the Court system and in addition to the original $209.50 you owe, I will also ask the court for reimbursement from you for my loss of wages, interest that this charge incurred on my credit card, filing fees and Court costs, fuel expense, and whatever other costs the Court will allow.

Your prompt attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Patricia (middle initial, last name)


Spring Visitation 2001

Keith had to share his visitation with the ex’s mother. Her mother got the kids 3/31-4/1 2001. The kids got to our house on 4/2 and stayed until 4/6 when their grandmother drove up and picked them up for another day and a few hours until they left on 4/7.

The kids arrived and departed from LAX. Their grandmother lives in the county of San Diego. Sad that Keith had to split his visitation with her mother.

March 29, 2001

Ex emailed this morning at 7:23am. Whining about Summer visitation. By the way…The kids are supposed to arrive on April 2-6 for Spring visitation, and the ex is bitching about Summer.

She wrote, “the kids do not want to spend the last part of the summer at your house, nor do they want to spend 5 weeks at your house and yes I am afraid that is what I am going to do with this is their decision because that is what a judge would go with too. They are old enough to make up their minds…You have no plans for your vacation as you have never left the confines or your overheated trailer…If have chosen to take your vacation for the last part of summer then I suppose you have taken all that time off from work. I will get the proof that you didn’t…when a judge sees that you are hassling me to just have the kids be there when you get home and to leave them with your wife and kids all day to sit around in a non air-conditioned trailer during the hottest part of the summer while they wait for you to be selfish…if this is so important to you than go for it. You have already done yourself in with the way you handled things last summer. If the kids don’t want t go then too bad for you. Your loss my gain. (her name)”

March 15, 2001

This letter was addressed to Keith’s attorney. The Ex wrote it, LOL. it was postmarked March 16th, 2001 she sent it Certified Return Receipt Requested. It was delivered to our home today, March 21, 2001.

She mentions me in this letter, telling Keith’s attorney. “Both of the children after spending the first 3 days of their last visit (in the summer of 2000) fighting and arguing and finally being ignored by their dad’s wife don’t want to spend their visitations with their dad because they have to… Both the kids were very emotionally upset and withdrawn during the abuse that took place between them and their dad and his wife during the last visit. They were treated badly and then ignored by their dad’s wife for 4 more days after the argument. No I will not force them to visit and be in that environment to be treated like small children and mistreated because of their dad marital situation.”

Project much? His marital situation? LOL….Lets harken back to the Summer Visitation 2000 post, shall we? https://mspisceangal2020.wordpress.com/2000/08/

Besides, she’s always told me to butt out, ALWAYS told Keith that the kids didn’t want anything to do with me, or be here with me while he worked, now she has a problem with me stepping back for a day and a half? LOL I spoke when I had to, otherwise, it was me and my kids, and Keith and his kids, just like she’s wanted, LOL

Paying for College

So I found something out today about Keith having to pay for college. I found out that if Keith did not agree to paying tuition in the original Judgement or in any subsequent modification, it wasn’t happening. Keith would have had to agree to and he never did, as it was NEVER brought up. I learned that that additional support has to be agreed upon and that ONE party cannot ask the Court for it to be ordered. The law doesn’t have a provision for that to be mandatory like child support is, uncovered health expenses. College Tuition is a dream.

Duly noted. šŸ™‚


There was a big earthquake in WA, 6.8! I called the ex and kids to see how they were.

I called the ex at her work, the woman that answered the phone said

Employee- (Ex) was trying to get ahold of (her husband) but I think she would like to speak to you!

J- Hi

P- HI! I just got home and saw the news! I was calling to see if you guys were ok!

J- hung up.


(sent to stepdaughter )

“Hola Chica,

Dad told me the other day that you were thinking about putting a picture of grandma in a frame that grandpa gave you for Christmas.

If you have one, great. If not, let us know and we will send you a copy of one we have that we got from grandpa after grandma passed away.

We are getting ready to have a BIG rain storm, that is supposed to start anytime now…it is quite dark here now. Dad was telling me this morning that there are 30 ft waves in Malibu (the beach) and remember when we went to the beach this summer and we parked in between the houses on the beach? those houses are now flooded because of the ocean waves! He saw it on the news! How sad, huh? I hope no one was hurt at all!

Anyway, gotta get ready to head back to work. The kindergartener’s this year are a REAL handful!! Sarah, Thomas and I are looking forward to Friday for a 3 day weekend!

Hasta Luego,


2000 Gifts Sent and Returned

1-3-00- Sent the color tv and discman to the kids, along with $20 each for the kids to spend. Delivered on 1-6-00.

1-15-00- Keith received a card from J. Enclosed is a check for $129 that she owed for Easter. The card was not signed. It was postmarked 1-11-00.

1-20-00- sent N a check for $16 for his Enema of the State CD. Check was deposited into his account on 1-26-00.

1-25-00- We received items J returned to us: a red shirt we bought L from JCP, a skirt for L from JCP, a pair of jeans, a music CASIO song book, a kaleidoscope, and a pooh bag.

1-28-00- We ordered 2 cases of Gatorade for the kids and had them shipped to their home.

2-10-00- Sent the kids their Valentines Day gifts- 2 bags of candy, Teddy Clip On (for her hair) for L, You Don’t Know Jack game for N. it was delivered 2-14-00. PERFECT!

4-5-00- took kids shopping at Millers Outpost ($146.89)

4-6-00- bought L candy from Sweet Market ($6.50) Also took kids to the Wherehouse for games and cd’s. (STEPS, M2M, CAN’T TAKE ME HOME, UNLEASH THE DRAGON, NO STRINGS ATTACHED, $51.95)

4-18-00- sent the kids their Easter presents- an Easter card each, 3 types of candy each (6 total) and 2 computer games. Package was delivered on 4-25-00. 2 days after Easter.

6-18-00- took L to Claire’s Boutiques. Bought her 2 rings that she picked out. ($6)

6-18-00- took L to Cartoon Junction- Bought her Bean Babies ($15.13)

6-28-00- took and paid for L to get her nails done. ($18)

6-29-00- signed L up for Hip Hop Dance. ($15)

7-11-00- took N to Sam Goody’s. ($58.14)

7-19-00 took kids to Ringling Brothers Circus. ($10 each for tickets)

7-25-00- Sent L clothes and a letter from her friend Corrine. Sent these items to her grandmothers house where she was staying, in Lakeside. Package was delivered 7-27-00.

7-26-00- Sent N a letter he got from his friend Kasey, to his grandmothers house where he was staying in Lakeside. Package was delivered 7-28-00.

7-31-00-sent package to N & L to their grandmothers in Lakeside. Package arrived at Lakeside unit 8-2-00 and was delivered on 8-9-00.

8-2-00- sent package to kids at their grandmothers in Lakeside. Sent L a shirt and N a letter. it was delivered 8-4-00

8-28-00- Sent N his birthday presents to his home- Silver Millenium from Hamilton Collection ($102) from Keith. Sarah, Thomas and I got him a “Britney Spears” TY teddy bear ($10). Keith got him a card that read, “My birthday wish for you, son, is that you always have people to laugh with and be close to, things to dream about and work hard for, places you can go rest and reflect on all that is good in the work and especially in you…” On the inside it said, “…and may you always know how much you are loved.”

My card for N said, “if this simple birthday card bring but one tiny touch of gladness to your heard on this day, then it will have served its purpose.” On the inside it said, “If not, the heck with it! No hard done!”

Sarah and Thomas’s card read, “On your 16th birthday brother, be thankful you’re not a dog” The inside read, “You couldn’t get a drivers license until you’re 112! Happy Birthday!” Everything was delivered 8-30-00. N did email his dad that he got the package. and thanked him for the bear and the “100 dollar thingy” and thanked him for the cards.

11-9-00- sent N & L Candy and Beanie Babies.

12-22-00- Sent a package for the kids to their grandmothers house. It was delivered on 12-23-00

12-23-00- Sent both kids “FLOOZ”(online gift currency). L’s card read “Merry Christmas L! I love you Princess! Love, your friend, dad d:-)” Nicks card read, “Merry Christmas Big Nick! Have fun! I love you! Dad”

Keith received a birthday card from the N & L, Postmarked 12-21-00. It’s homemade and says on the front, a big leaf with a bee on it, “Happy Birthday Hey Dad, CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT YOU’RE ALREADY AT THAT AGE?” Inside left is a birthday cake with leaves and bee’s, and right said is a leaf that says, “BEE-LEAF IT. (W0W) 52 HOPE YOUR DAY IS A REAL STINGER…HAPPY BIRTHDAY! L & N” The back says, “Created especially for DAD by L & N” The envelope is addressed to “(Dad) Keith” by L and she added on the front, Have a good day” the back has L’s return address and she added ” Merry X-mas and New Year Happy B-day Dad, Love Always”

We also sent L a box of her gifts to her grandma’s house in Lakeside.

12-24-00 at 12:25pm a notice was left for someone to pick up the package.

12-25-00 at 10:17am another notice was left for someone to pick up the package

12-26-00 We sent a package to L at her grandmothers address. It was delivered on 12-29-00.

12-26-00- “Richard” received a box from N & L, (addressed by his ex). Its contents were Christmas gifts. For Keith, N gave him a video of N being on MTV, dancing at a club house. L gave him a massager, shaving cream and a razor. They got me an orange, banana calendar, they gave Sarah a deck of cards, and they gave Thomas a fire truck. For both Sarah and Thomas, they gave them a board game called Race to the Root. This package was postmarked 12-23-00.

12-27-00- L’s package was delivered at 1:22pm.

12-29-00- sent a pack to N &L to their home address. It included more presents and a $20 check for each of them. This package was delivered on 1-2-01