Email from the Ex

SO the ex emailed me at 7:26pm regarding my email to Keith and her. She told me that what she received from our insurance company was “nothing in comparison to the email that was sent to me from you.”

She forwarded the email she received from a rep at our insurance company, and it was wrong information. He said the claim was denied and a denial was sent out January 8th, 2004.

At 10:29pm, I emailed her back and told her that it seemed the rep may have gotten wrong information by not talking to the right department. I told her he should have spoken to the Visiting Members dept (Reciprocity) since they are the ones that handle the claims. I went on to tell her that I spoke to the right dept. and was told that Keith will not get a denial that it will only go to the provider of service. I told her that unless the provider bills our home plan as instructed to do so, with the eob they got, then either the provider can submit the claim to her insurance themselves with the denial eob they received or the provider can send her copies of the denial eob themselves so she can bill her insurance.

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