MORE Paperwork, MORE Requests

June 1, 1995-Filed with the court and sent a Notice of Change of Address to Anthony, stating I moved and what my new address is.

June 2, 1995-ALSO filed a Request to Enter Default and Request for Default Setting.

June 23, 1995- Filed Request for Entry of Default, Notice of Entry of Judgment.

In the DEFAULT JUDGMENT DECLARING EXISTENCE OF FATHER CHILD RELATIONSHIP, AND ORDERING CUSTODY, VISITATION, CHILD SUPPORT, I declared that Anthony has been served with the complain filed and has failed to answer or respond to it, and the default of the defendant has been duly entered and evidence having been introduced in open session of this court: IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED, ADJUDGED, AND DECREED that Plaintiff have judgment as follows:

  1. Plaintiff Patricia (last name) is the mother of defendant Anthony (his last name)’s child, Sarah (full legal name), born August 1, 1993, age 1, hereinafter referred to as the “Minor Child.”
  2. Plaintiff/Mother shall have sole legal and physical custody of minor child.
  3. Defendant/Father to have no rights of visitation
  4. As further support defendant shall pay one-half of uncovered medical costs incurred for the benefit of the minor chld, including medical, dental, orthodontic, psychological or psychiatric
  5. A wage assignment shall be issued against defendant’s wages for any child support awarded.Default was entered as requested on 6-23-1995

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