Convo’s with J- 7-1-95

Sometime between 10 and 11 am, J called and asked if Keith was home. I told her he was not. She asked me if Keith made the flight arrangements for the kids to fly to her mothers home from our home. I told her I believed he had but she needed to speak to him about everything because in her letter dated 4-16-95, she told me to butt out. J became IRATE and said she “couldn’t believe that all this shit was to be taken care of BEFORE” she came down and now SHE’S “the one needing to make all the fucking phone calls.”

A man’s voice in the background told her she didn’t need to talk to me about this and I agreed. I told her that Keith had called her at least 2 times that I know for sure but he had to leave messages plus he told the kids he would be working (see letter 5-22-95) and she stated she “must’ve never gotten the messages.”

She told ME how “fucking ignorant” I was and how I only hear one side of the story of what happened between her and Keith. I told her I was only going by the divorce papers we had in our possession and I read the “stip. amend. etc” and she claimed she had never heard of those papers and me once again how fucking ignorant I was and I didn’t know what I was talking about. I told her her signature was on them and she even had them notarized and she said, “OH, you know my signature? How’s that?” I said that unless someone is forging her signature, it’s hers because I read her letters and she just scoffed.

I told her if she didn’t comply with the divorce papers Keith might take her back to court in San Diego and she disagreed. I told her it would be there because that’s where the original divorce was filed and she said that Keith would have to pay for her and her attorney expenses. I told her that wasn’t true, but she had better be careful as Keith was on to her and I hung up.

At 12:51 pm, I called J and told her the flight arrangements. She wanted to know why we kept the kids until the 15th of July and I told her because that was what she stated in her 5-22-95 letter. that’s what she wanted, that’s what we did. She said she had written Keith a letter telling him that if he had vacation in July, he could keep the kids until the 23rd and if not he can only have the kids until the 15th. I told her she must have forgotten to mail it because he never got it, and she said, “Oh too bad.” I said “if that’s the case, I’ll change the reservations” and I hung up.

12:58 pm, J called and said the 15th was fine and I said, “we’ll see, I’m on hold with the airlines.” so I hung up. She called back and wanted to know what MY problem was. LOL. I told her I was still on hold with the airlines and she hung up. When I was done with the airlines, I called her back, left a message saying that my problem was I hated to be lied to, and I hung up.

6:33 pm, I called J and left the directions to our house, (by 8 am because that’s the time she said she was leaving SD to bring the kids up.

6:45 pm, had to call back and leave a corrected street name on the hotel answering machine for her room.

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