Phone Call

L called tonight. Keith only got to speak to her for less than a minute before J got on the phone to yell at him, because she was VERY unhappy about the fact that it was MY writing on the box we sent LAST MONTH. J said that the kids knew it wasn’t from him and that it wasn’t his writing on the box.”


Keith asked her what difference would it have made if the man on the corner addressed the box or the postal clerk for that matter. The fact is the contents were from both of us. He kept asking her what her problem was now, and she told him that she did not want me writing the kids or send them pictures or anything “EVER!!”

She’s still pissed off about the July incident, clearly.

ANYWAY, we had sent the box on 9-22. It contained presents and pictures from their vacation with us and a letter from me. The kids should have gotten the box on or around 9-25-95. J waited until tonight to call. Either A) her husband had been home this whole time on vacation or work leave or off week, and this was the first chance she got to call, or B) she thought Keith was going to be served papers tonight and was primming him for the moment or C) all the above.

J is premeditating and methodical and Keith was not served tonight.

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