Letter to N &L

Wrote and sent the kids a letter 10/24/95 and mailed it today. I asked them how they are doing and that I hope things were going well for them.

I let L know that we got the card with her pictures in it, and that I was glad to see she liked the Benji cards. I told her it looked like she liked soccer, a lot, and asked, “do you?”

I asked N how his team did in Baseball and asked if he is playing any other sports. I asked him how the dinosaur movie was that we sent, if he liked it, was it interesting.

I asked both of the kids if they used the San Art set we sent, if N liked the planes his dad sent, and said that I hoped they liked everything we sent them, that we had fun getting them.

I asked how the weather has been (where they live) that it had been quite chilly at night here but during the day it was real nice, in the low to mid 80’s. I let both kids know that w are all fine here, Sarah was getting nuttier by the day. I told them that she was going to be a Bunny Rabbit for Halloween, and that she puts on her costume every other day or so and hops around. I also asked N & L what they were going to be.

I said, “well, that’s about all for now. I have lots of yard work to do so I’d better close for now. I will write again soon, ok? We all love and miss you. Dad xoxo Pat xoxo & Sarah xoxo”

I sent this letter Return Receipt requested.

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