November 1995

Keith spoke to his kids on November 2nd. He said the kids asked about Sarah and what she was for Halloween and to tell me hi.His ex dated a letter to him November 4th, and postmarked Nov. 6th.

In this letter she wrote how ridiculous it was for me to write the kids and send it certified, because she is unable to get to the post office as she works the same hours they do, and no one is ever home during the day to receive the certified letter.

She went on to tell Keith that the kids that they don’t want to hear from me, that they don’t want to call him and have to talk to me at all. She continued to say how she had to make their daughter call last time and how she was quite pleased that I didn’t talk to her. She told Keith to please keep the correspondence and phone calls between him and the kids only.

She also returned the letter I wrote the kids, dated 10-24-95. This tells me that they were not given the opportunity to read my letter because they asked about my daughter and Halloween while on the phone and I wrote about it in the letter I sent them.

Keith was served court papers, mid November. Ex wife#2 refused to discuss any visitation plan. All she wanted was more money. She was still livid from the incident of Summer.

According to her, she was keeping the kids, she was taking 2 weeks off from work and having out of town company coming in.

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