2nd Letter to Kids

On 11/9/95, I wrote another letter to the kids, but I didn’t send it until today. Keith addressed the envelope. In this letter I asked the kids how their Halloween was and asked if they got a lot of candy. I told the kids that Sarah dressed up as a bunny but I wasn’t able to take her out because we had all been sick and it was just too cold. Sarah dressed up and hopped around the house anyway. I told the kids as soon as get pics developed, I’ll send them a few.

I also let the kids know that we had gotten the pics they sent and they were beautiful. I told them I put the pics in frames and put them on the wall in our room and the little pics were put in their Dad’s wallet. N had worn the shirt we bought him at Christmas and looked very handsome and L looked very pretty. I told them we had also gotten their progress reports and was glad to see them both doing well in school and to keep up the good work, and to actually keep up the GREAT work!

I wrote that we were all doing fine here, that the owner of the house we lived in was having some work done and had to have the driveway dug up, so there were piles of sand in the yard and Sarah was having a blast playing in it, throwing it and sliding down it. She laughed herself silly when I would push her in the sand, she had so much fun.

I told the kids were finally over our colds thank goodness. Their dad was working real hard in the garage rearranging things and putting panels up on the wall to make it warmer in there.

I ended the letter by saying, “Anyway…I’d better close for now. We have to get up early and it’s already way past bedtime. I’ll write again soon and remember we miss you and love you both very, very much!! Dad xoxo Pat xoxo & Sarah xoxo”

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