My Letter and Phone Call to J’s Attorney

All Keith wants to do is see his kids without any hassles. Keith has no legal rep. He is his own Rep. I have no legal rep. I’m my own rep. So I will write her attorney and call, should I feel the need and this is just want I did.

I called her attorney today, 3-6-96, to discuss the issues with him. She brought me into this, so, now I will deal accordingly.

I sent him the letter I wrote yesterday, 3-5-96, which was in more detail than I was able to tell him today. In my letter to him yesterday, I wrote the following:

Hello Mr. S’******,

Once again, I am forced to write you for a request. Please call your client, J and advise her to refrain from calling our home to harass Richard (D*****) and disturbing as well as disrupting the peace of our home. The most recent incident happened on March 4, 1996 , last night, at approximately 7:15 pm. Here is a brief summary of accounts leading up to the phone call.

On Feb. 10, 1996, she stated in her letter to Richard that, “due to your unreasonable attitude, you may have this week…” pertaining to the kids Spring Break. In this same letter, she also stated to him that “…airfare paid in full, in advance 21 days in advance, round trip to be paid through me…” In which we translated it to mean that she will buy the tickets and Richard will pay her back.

On Feb. 24th, 1996, J called our home and left the following message on our answering machine: “… It’s about 1:50 on Saturday to let you know that I made reservations for the children per your letter dates*, (um) it’s $161 round trip for each child. I can’t however pay the other half, $161. (um) Please send money as soon as possible or you can call back and talk to the kids and let them know. Thank you.” (*Richard formally requested to have the kids during this time, on Feb.20th, 1996 according to her rules in her letter dated Feb. 10.) Within two weeks, she already started changing the rules.

On Feb. 25, 1996, J called again at approx. 10 am. She spoke directly to Richard. During this conversation, Richard advised her that he did not have the money, and would not have it until the follow week. She stated she figured that, but advised him she would purchase the tickets and he will have to reimburse her. He said he would do that.

On this same day, at approx. 6:30 pm, 8 hours later, when Richard called to speak to his kids, J got back on the phone to tell him that she cannot afford to buy the tickets, but when he has his money, “they will work something out.” Richard advised her to send the money to him and he will get the tickets himself, in which she refused.

On March 1, 1996, Richard sent her a money order for the amount of $161, a long with a note stipulating the money was to be used for the sole purpose of purchasing airline tickets and a couple other details pertaining to the trip.

On March 4th, 1996, she received the money and note. At approx. 7:15pm, she called our home again and spoke directly to Richard. She immediately began to berate him about everything from how the kids do not want to visit him and he needs to talk to them about it, but yet when he asks to speak to them, she hangs up on him, prompting him to immediately call back, to how he can raise the money for visitation with the kids, but not for N’s braces, to what an embarrassment he is to the kids because of his actions, and everything in between.

When he finally did get to speak to the kids, N said he did not want to come out because he did not “want to cause problems” and L said she wanted to come out “tonight!” Then J got back on the phone and told Richard that she will force N to come out, and Richard said not to force him to do anything but send L, and J of course said NO. He then said that if she is not going to send the kids out, then send the money back, of course she said no to that also.

Sometime between 9pm and 930pm, (I had left the room by this time but heard the phone ring) J called again to let Richard know that she had gone ahead and made arrangements for the kids to come out and she was sorry for upsetting him. If this is the case, why did she call in the first place? What purpose did it serve?

This entire incident was uncalled for and quite juvenile for Mrs. U to act this way for no reason. She is the one that wrote her letter Feb. 10, 1996 laying the “ground rules” if you will, and they were followed to a T, and this is what he has to put up with? Instead of being glad and encouraging of the kids about spending time with their dad, she is vile and malicious to Richard right in front of them, and as if that wasn’t bad enough, to make matters worse, she got the kids involved!

Since my “joke” letter to you last December, pertaining to the same type of incidents, J has made two other calls that were just as unfounded.

On Feb 8th, 1996m at approx. 630pm, J called our home. She had been advised that there were certified letters waiting for her at her post office, by the post office, but she advised Richard she was “too busy” to go get them, and was quite insistent that he tell her what they were about. He told her over and over again that she needed to go get them because everything she was addressing, he had addressed in one of the letters, and it was not his problem that she would not drive less than 5 minutes away, while she was obviously going to be out anyway, to the Post office (which he found out was only 2.5-3 miles from her home) to pick up letters, but she had better. After the second, “Goodbye J” he hung up.

On Feb. 9th, 1996 at approx 730pm, J called AGAIN. She immediately began her harassment because she did not agree with what he had requested for visitations (boy this doesn’t surprise us!) or anything else he had to say. She did make the comment to Richard “why don’t you send me a whole bunch of money and I will send the kids to live with you,” and Richard said he would do that. He would get the money somehow, so she immediately began to harass him about he can get the money for that, but not for N’s braces. Richard ended up telling her that he had nothing further to discuss with her, and said goodbye and hung up. This conversation was less than 5 minutes.

on Feb. 21, 1996, while at home, Richard was advised that his “ex wife in WA” called his work, looking for him. She was advised he was not there. She never called our home though, so I think it would be safe to assume that this phone call was not of the Emergent nature and served no other purpose but to harass him. We do not know why though. History tells us that when there IS an Emergency pertaining to one of the children, she neglects to call anyway, so there really is no reason for her to call his work.

The incidents listed are just a fraction as to why Richard would rather deal with J via letter. The letters she writes are just as harassing, humiliating, and insulting to both of us, but this is his choice or preference on dealing with her. I say us because, although Richard has requested that she not refer to me in her letters, she has not complied. Every letter she has written has something to do with me in it. If she has SUCH a problem with me, she needs to deal WITH ME as a separate issue and NOT included in her problems she has with Richard. Her letters to Richard should be strictly about the kids in an adult manner and not condescending.

In her letter dated Feb 10, 1996 she wrote, “…Your letters are now a harassment and I will report anymore sent. I will also refuse to accept them…” Other than to you, we are not sure who she will report them to, however she needs to realize that with every action there is a reaction, so we hope that when she reports his letters, she also give a copy of the one that got the reaction from Richard she considers “harassment” and I am confident that this “person” she reports to will see that her claim of “harassment” is unjustified. If she feels his letters are a “harassment”, it amazes me that she claims no provocation, on her part.

In her letter dated Jan. 5, 1996, she stated that my letter to you was a joke and that you both thought this way, and you were hired to protect her rights, therefore would not be responding to me. By the same token, I feel she needs to be told that harassing, annoying, and disturbing the peace of the other party is not only in violation of the court order from their divorce papers of Nov. 29, 1990, but it is also not the way to handle things and expect a ‘reasonable’ outcome.

If her statement above is true, then I hope you both find this letter to be amusing as well, and maybe one day, Richard and I will find the humor if it all, but we do not find it at this point, especially since the kids are thrown into this battle between J and Richard, deliberately and unnecessarily by J herself.

Thank you for your time, Sir. This letter was not written with any malice intent, or to be disrespectful, but it does speak facts and the truth. I am able to speak of the incidents mentioned due to the fact that I have been present for virtually all of it. Sincerely, Patricia middle initial maiden name.”

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