March 1996

Wouldn’t you know it… my birthday, and guess who calls? Yep. During this March 4th conversation, ex wife #2 told Keith that she can’t trust anyone down here. Well, there are only two of us plus an almost 3 year old. She accused me of listening in on her conversations with the kids when they are visiting. Keith told her that was a lie, that doesn’t happen. She also told Keith he was an embarrassment to his kids.

Keith asked her what her problem was, and she said, “you’re looking at it.” He clapped back and said, “What do you mean? I can’t see you- you’re the problem.” She told him to “turn around and look at it- she’s probably standing right there!”

Keith eventually hung up on her and called the Sheriff’s Dept to file a harassing phone call report.

Approx. 9pm, the ex called AGAIN, told Keith she had made arrangements for the kids and that she was sorry she upset Keith. He said, “Right” and hung up.

He saw his kids for Spring break, starting March 30th through April 7th.

During her March 11th phone call to our house at 5:55pm, IRATE, yet again, Keith asked her what her problem was and why she was getting all upset. She told him, “your girlfriend is the problem and the kids don’t even like her” and accused Keith of invading her privacy because we called her insurance to find out the status of a couple claims for THE KIDS, NOT illegal and NOT against HIPAA. She told Keith, “What are you trying to do? Make me distraught? Drive me crazy? Make me think all these crazy things?” Keith told her he wasn’t trying to do anything, for her to “get off that horse!”

The ex told him that she signed the divorce papers to get away from hi and that his sole responsibility was to pay child support and 1/2 of all uncovered medical bills. He clarified that he was to pay whatever she says he owes, that he was just supposed to agree with her and be in the dark when he gets a bill, and called, “BULLSHIT!” He told her to keep thinking whatever she way she was, to go right ahead and keep thinking that way, and he said goodbye and hung up. He then walked out of the room and said, “NO MORE CALLS!”

Well, the ex called back at almost 6:10pm. I answered the phone. She asked if Keith was there. I told her no, but if she wanted to call back and leave a message on the answering machine, she could, but I chose not to get him on the phone. She said, “You WHAT?!” I told her I had heard the conversation they had and she shouted, ” this doesn’t concern you!” I told her that if all she was doing was calling to harass Keith more, it did concern me in that aspect and I chose not to get him on the phone. She was irate and said, “his name is not on any of the bills!” I said, “Deal with it, (her name)” and hung up.


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