Fathers Day 1996

Let me preface this by saying that Keith never got his kids for visitation for Fathers Day.

The kids had not called their dad all day. I know Keith was hoping to hear from them, but the day went on and nothing. SO…I called the kids around 815pm, they are now my stepkids.

When the Ex wife#2 answered and I told her who I was, she hung up on me. I called back had to leave a message on the answering machine. I stated I was hoping to give their dad a surprise Fathers Day present by having the kids on the phone. I also stated that I had hope their stepdad had a nice Fathers Day as well, and I hung up.

2 minutes later, the ex called, IRATE. She asked to speak to my husband and of COURSE I said no. She asked, “Where the fuck do you get off calling my home? How the fuck did you get my number when it was unlisted and I did not give it to you! It’s unlisted for a reason. If you ever fucking call here again, I will have my number disconnected and won’t give Keith my new number!” I told her she was legally required to give it to him. She said she wasn’t and wanted to know, “Where does your fat ass get off calling my home?” She claimed that she told the kids to call their dad 3-4 times and it was their decision whether to call or not. Of course I did not believe this. She told me, “Just as you refuse to get Keith on the phone when I call, do NOT ever fucking call my home again!” I asked her why she was using such profanity when there was not reason to, and she said something totally out of left field. She said, ” You and Keith were wrong to send a wedding invitation to the kids 3 weeks after the fucking fact!” We ACTUALLY told them the week we got back, and what we sent them was not an invitation, but an announcement. She continued on to tell me how SICK I was for using the same phrase in our “invitation” that she did in hers when she and Keith got married. I had no idea what she was talking about. She told me to stop acting “so unknowing” and that she would send me a copy of hers. I told her to go ahead. To this day, I haven’t received anything , LOL. At any rate, I told her I had seen the phrase in a magazine and I liked it and used it, so WHAT?

This woman is something else. She then said that I didn’t know when she and my husband were married, so I told her it was around June 2 or June 6th, I wasn’t exactly sure, but I thought more around the 2nd, and that I could look in the divorce file we had if she really wanted me to. All she told me was, “You aren’t a part of this family.” I told her I was part of my husband’s family since May 18th legally, but if she were referring to her family with her husband, then of course not. She said, “Oh yeah, #4 and the only thing that popped into my head and I said was, “well, at least he divorced you.” She told me two more times, “do NOT fucking call my home again” and hung up after the second time.


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