June 17, 1996

My letter to J-

“Dear Mrs. J U,

My name is Patricia (middle initial, new last name), the wife of your former husband, Richard K. I am currently and presently demanding a written letter of apology for the defaming words and profanity you spoke against me during your very harassing phone call to my home on June 16, 1996 at 818pm…”

I documented in this conversation, J spewed profanities at me, the F word more than once, also calling me a “fat ass” more than once, and that I found it as well as her profanity extremely offensive and uncalled for.

I told her that I expect to receive her letter of apology on or before June 24, 1996 or I would seek other recourse. I also documented that this was not the first time she has spoken to me like this and that the other times have been documented as well. I told her it would be the LAST time she speak to me with such vulgarity.

I ended this letter by saying, “I am hoping that, in the future, if a situation arises again and we are in the position to speak to each other, you do so in an adult-like non offensive manner that does not include profanity. Thank you. Patricia (middle initial, new last name)”

I also FAXED this letter to her attorney, requesting “restraint on personal conduct.”

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