August 1996

On August 7th, I wrote the ex a nice letter about a 1 year replacement plan we got with a present we got for their daughter. It was a detailed letter as to what to do and how I had the agreement transferred in her name and she should receive the new agreement within 10 days.

For the most part, I’ve sent the ex notes with the EOB’s we would get from Keith’s insurance, with the exception of a few times writing her about something she has said to me directly.

On August 20th, she called Keith and told him that she was tired of me “Harassing” her, HARASSING HER! She told him she didn’t want me calling her home, sending her or the kids anything, she wanted it all coming from him. He asked “What else?” She told him he wasn’t going to see the kids for any part of summer, but that there were a couple of 4 day weekends between October and November, and that “there’s Christmas, of course,” He said, “Whatever you say (Ex’s name), I’ll talk to you later.” and he hung up.

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