Visitation Talk

I called a 8:15pm to give J some information for travel arrangements.

J- Hello?

P- J?

J- yeah

P- are you on the phone?

J- yes (inaudible) just called

P- Ok you want to call back?

J- um, no, you call me back.

P- When?

J- 1/2 an hour

P- ok bye

J- bye


J called back at 8:55pm:

P- Hello?

J- Patricia?

P- yeah

J- it’s J, I’m sorry, it was my dad

P- Oh that was Keith calling the kids.

J- oh

P- anyway

J- oh yeah, my dad was on the phone

P- can he

J- he doesn’t call me very often so he was like going on and on and on…

P- oh, that’s cool, um. can he talk to them before it gets late? later?

J- sure, well, can you tell me what’s up first?

P- uh, hold on…

( I wasn’t quite prepared, had to gather the information)

P- ok

J- do you want to just wait and tell me tomorrow and let him talk to them now? sorry…

(isn’t that what I asked at first? She was more interested in the information. So it was decided I would call her tomorrow night at home, cheaper costs.)

J- hold on, let me get the kids so he can talk to them.

P- ok, hold on, (calls for Keith to get on the other phone.)

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