Time Not on My Side

Sent this to J today:


I guess I should “time” these things better so you don’t feel overwhelmingly harassed, but time ISN’T always on my side!! Sorry!!

Here are a couple more copies of receipts from 7-30 when I took N to see the doctor about his (*****). Of course we are crediting ourselves this money so far.

In your message left on our answering machine, you stated “if there was a problem- I wish someone would have called me…”

Obviously there was no problem- it was not a life or death situation- it wasn’t even an emergency- the kids health is normal they sometimes get colds & flus & even sometimes just don’t feel good- this was the case- N was complaining of (********) we took him to the doctors. Do you call Keith when you take the kids to the doctors- I think not!! You don’t even call when it’s an Emergency (eg: April 1995) why are you making a mountain out of a mole hill??!

By the way- I did tell J and HE obviously told you- so whats the big deal! Obviously neither one of you thought it was an emergency situation, otherwise YOU would ahve called a hell of a lot sooner than you did! (after 7pm) Contrary to your way of thinking, the kids get taken care of when they are with us as well.

Secondly, you were obviously perturbed to find out Keith returned to work. NOONE told the kids he was off the entire time. When L asked if he had to work on the DAY we picked them up from the airport, we told both of them he was off for 3 weeks. We mentioned it again the 28th and 29th! When talked about it with the kids, they understood that Keith wouldn’t always be able to take a long vacation, if any at all sometimes, while they are visiting and N said, “So! That’s OK!” I told them that I had been told that they didn’t like me and didn’t want to stay with me while their dad worked, and N said that wasn’t true.

So, once again- contrary to your thinking the kids and I do get along- we do like each other, (it’s D they didn’t like) & if it’s ok for their dad to work while they are here visiting, then I must not be the ogre you portray me to be to them!!

You once made the comment to Keith that my letters to the kids are nothing like the one’s I write you- DUH! Since I need to spell it out- the reason for this is because I don’t have a PROBLEM with the kids!! If I did, the situation would be handled differently because they are kids!!

By the way, it’s none of your business when Keith works or doesn’t work- ask long as you continue to get your support money- what’s YOUR beef? I’m an adult- I have two kids of my own, and I can handle situations that come up at anytime. Although I have to say, it’s obvious you have serious doubts about Keith’s ability to be a good concerned parent. Take N’s (****) for example. This is nothing new. You & Keith have had this conversation before about his (*****), You told Keith you weren’t going to look into it further because your (provider) there said it was “growing pains and normal for a 12 year old.”

Well over the last two days or so it’s really been bothering N so Keith wanted him to be seen. N did most of the talking to the provider. He knows how his (****) feels, he knows when they hurt, he knows how to describe the pain- while the provider was examining him- his Left (****) in particular- really pained him. Does Keith get any kind of “thanks” ( for the lack of a better word)- not from you!!

Instead, he gets chastised about it, along with questions about sending you bills for it!! Excuse me, but “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” J- you have joint legal custody (he will never give you sole custody) and just as you see fit to take the kids to the doctor for their illnesses and when you are concerned about something, so does he.

Lastly, the kids and I are having a great time- they both have fun with and love Thomas, their new brother, and take turns holding him and feeding him. They have been like this with him since day one!! I’m glad to see it, so is Keith. They are real good with Sarah as well, although she is your typical 3 year old and gets jealous sometimes, but kids will be kids and for the most part, they play and get along every day.

So anyway- take care and I’m sure we’ll be hearing from you one way or another. Until then- Patricia”

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