And MORE….

Sent this to J today:

“Hi J-

Enclosed are a couple EOB’s we have received recently.

The one for a DOS of 7/29/97 is actually a zero balance because the P/L of $8 that is due is our co-pay which a copy of the receipt is also enclosed. Please do not bill your insurance for this.- The provider of service isn’t either.

The EOB for a DOS of 7/30/97 w/ the P/L of $3.45 is currently being billed to (her insurance) by (Provider), so as usual, when you receive the EOB from them, please forward a copy to us. Thank you-

Of course as the EOB’s come in for the office visit of 7/30/97 and (provider) on 8/5/97, I will send you copies, but they will be billed by the providers of service to your insurance company.

On 7/30/97, I had obtained J’s verbal authorization to release his information, including ss# to providers of service, anytime we have to take the kids to the doctors or what have you.

Please refrain from calling our home to yell at us, and accuse us of invading your privacy, giving out info w/out authorization, and using J’s ss# fraudulently, because it simply will not be true. Sincerely, Patricia (middle initial, last name) “

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