June 7, 1999 Phone Call

WOW, just WOW! So the ex called ME. Since 1995, because of her lying to the police when she made a false police report, the phone calls between Keith and I and her and her husband were recorded. This call was recorded. She had called two times previous, at 11:49 am and 11:51 am, but I was taking to Keith and told her I had to call her back. She called me back at 11:58am.

During this phone call to me, she was wanting to know what was going on. I told her I didn’t know. She wanted to know why I bought the tickets for visitation, why did I do it, she didn’t care what Keith told me to do, why did I do it?

She told him his share of airfare was $215 and we found out that that the ticket she was going to pay for was $116. She thought that was fair. According to court orders, airfare was to be split 50/50. So Keith’s share should have been $165.50. She was PISSED because I ended up buying the tickets, she was INCENSED. We also found out she pulled this same stunt for Spring. She told Keith that his half was $246 while she paid $130. Keith’s half should have been $188.

During this call, on top of telling me she wasn’t going to sent the kids or pay her 1/2 of the airfare, and to take her to court, she told me “you people are so fucking cheap~ you are so cheap that you can spend money on their asthma and your computers and all your bullshit but you’ll whine about….” but I didn’t understand what she said. My kids have asthma. Can you believe that a mother, someone that is affiliated with the Kiwanis club, would say something about children like that!

She was just talking so much smack I had to ask her not only what she was talking about, but I asked her, PURELY out of jest, if she had taken her medication. It stopped her for a second, and she said, “No I haven’t taken my medication today.” I told her I thought she needed to. She continued on saying that she “had been diagnosed with severe depression and guess what? I’m gonna be on your door step so you need to be afraid!” When I confirmed what she said, that she had been diagnosed she said, “Oh yeah, diagnosed with severe depression and right now, I’m gonna get a divorce and you, just thank yourself for that, ok?” She accused me of being the cause of her divorce! LMAO.

I literally just cracked up, and told her that was too funny that she’s blaming me for her problems. I told her I pitied her. She railed, saying, “Fuck you! Go to hell bitch! You can take your god fearing loving crap and stick it up your ass! Does it make you feel better to do shit behind my back!?”

She spewed so much nonsense, continuing to threaten me that she will continue to threaten me until every inch of my bone and body is afraid of her and I better be afraid because she’s going to be on my door step.


She accuses me of being the cause of her 2nd divorce

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