June 9th, 1999

Still pissed off and arguing about the Summer ticket that Keith had me buy, his ex emailed him and mentioned me by saying, “If you were to have your wife stick her nose into the mileage plan information you would see that all the times (her husband’s name) has upgraded the kids to first class and they have flown have contributed to the mileage they have earned.” She went on to say that “this” (upgrades?) will never happen again and that Keith was not “entitled” to anything in her life. As if. What she continues to fail to understand is that when it was ordered they split airfare 50/50, that meant 50% of the TOTAL airfare, not what she says it is.

She told him in another paragraph that her husband is “equally as mad” as she is, “if not more” at Keith’s continued interference in their personal business. Personal business? The kids are her and her and her husband’s personal business? Since when? OH and this is rich, like she told me on the phone, she told Keith in this email that, “a divorce is in the making because of the constant harassment over the years from you and your wife.”

She hoped he recorded her phone call to me. It was. If I could attach it here, I would. She also told him, “tell your wife to get a hobby something other than (her name in all CAPS) in her life. How about a job? so you won’t have to whine about the cost of you older children because she has sucked you dry with two more kids who require constant medical attention. If you have something to say I would prefer to speak to only you and when I pick up my children I want to meet with you to finally settle things in person fact to face without your wife holding your ????????”

Isn’t she disgusting to mention my kids like that?

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