July 30, 1999

The ex told Keith that the only problem she has is “you and your wife interfering in my personal business and causing me problems with my husband and that is the only reference I have given you MEANING STAY THE HECK OUT OF MY BUSINESS”

Page 2 of this email, Keith had told her, “Nice try…the fact is on Feb. 2nd I called for the kids at 454pm and they returned my call on this day. On Feb. 19th I called the kids at 610pm to tell them about my brother passing away on the 18th. (Daughter) called me back at 630pm and again at 634pm because she got disconnected. Not only this, but I remember being told that you were in San Diego celebrating your anniversary! We just happened to find out quite by accident that you weren’t even in (her city) at that time! Thank you for making me sit here and think because it is becoming clearer and clearer…the message we got was that you did not want to speak to me or my wife so you could tell the kids about my brother and that you said I had to, and the reason was because you weren’t even there! WOW!!!! so again…I NEVER spoke to you the whole month of Feb!! she wrote, “My mistake on the month could have been January or March I will check my details and the truth of the matter is probably during the telephone call on the 2nd. Why must you do this? Don’t you have a life? These are your kids not a commodity to argue over and disagree about. They are stuck in the middle here And you did yell at me at say that the papers weren’t meant to have me call each time they had to go to the doctor. You are just lying as usual to make yourself look good or better yet not to admit it to all of us that you really don’t care about such trivial details except your wife makes you”

As usual, she gets caught in a lie, and as usual, she tries to spin it. Isn’t that a narcissistic trait? Funny that she wants me to butt out but mentions me ALL the time.

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