Another Update

Sarah is doing fine- couldn’t afford tutoring but making her read to me, and working in reading books she had worked on in class.

Enjoying her summer, my stepkids are here and my husband has to work, so Sarah will play with them, her brother Thomas or her friends. She’s learned to ride a two wheeler bike now. She rides side saddle, she like to ride that way and give me gray hair.

She’s lost two front teeth, she looks and talks different. I’ll take pics and send them to him. She tries to whistle and that is funny!

She’s enjoying the pool where we live. I call her my little chocolate drop because she is sooo dark. Must be the Portuguese in her. She tells me she’s not a chocolate drop.

It’s’ her 6th birthday tomorrow. We haven’t told her our plans yet, except to say we have a surprise. She says, “Is it the other tomorrow, Mom?”

I wish the relationship between him and her was there because I would invite him, but oh well, it’s his decision.

We are going roller skating today, I think. Sarah told me I needed to buy her new skates, so we’ll see.

Hope all is well with him and his family. How are his sisters and their kids and family? Hope everyone is fine.

Take care and God Bless him.

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