January 4, 2000

What did she write about me? It doesn’t make sense, as usual.

When they decided to have kids? I know what Keith told me, and it seems she’s trying to make it sound better than it was.

She was 6 months pregnant when they got married. Had it not been for that reason, he wouldn’t have married her. Then, she asked him to leave when their youngest, their daughter, was 2. Let’s not romanticize it, ok?

From the looks and sounds of it, she is the one continuing “that relationship” with Keith, combative, difficult, lying all the time, disrespectful. Nothing has changed.

She’s been married twice and about to divorce hubby #2. They were married maybe 7 years. She divorced Keith after maybe 5 years. What does that mean “and don’t have to visit their kids when it is over a fight and court papers”? She has a very sketchy visitation record at best, meaning, prior to 1998, between 1993 when she moved out of state until he took her to court for a set visitation, it was a constant battle for him to see his kids, before, during and after. So, it sounds to me like she KNEW and never admitted until this email, inadvertently I might add, that she withheld visitation.

She’s right, it’s never been ok SHE has made sure of that, and it was never ok prior to me.

I have posted many emails of her talking about me, not too many of other things she has said to him in the past, but if you could read those entire emails? You’d see how evil and rotten she has been to him. THAT is fact.

She says GOODBYE. So dramatic, LOL. It’s never been goodbye. Who is she kidding?

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