January 11, 2000

Here we go, getting accused of impersonating her again. GEEZUS, that is something neither of us aspire to. Is this a narcissistic trait?

At 1148am she emailed Keith and said that the preferred airline told her that SHE was the one that called them and got some discount for the kids. ALL kinds of crazy spewage.

Then she writes, “just like Pat told (her daughter) later she can read the books when she is older and can realize the stuff your wife has started unnecessarily….You can tell your wife to start it up when the kids are ready to leave and are there. Just like usual. Love (ex’s name)”


Keith wrote her back later in the day telling her that we got a fax today from the airlines themselves stating that on January 9th I had called into the airlines to request extra time and that the agent assumed in ERROR that she was speaking to the ex. The fax went on to say that I took the MCO’s to LAX ticket counter and paid for both tickets (for the kids visit) on Jan 10th.

The ex emailed back and said that Keith wasn’t being very pleasant “about the proof I have shown you.” what proof? her word?? LMAO…She said “I did call this morning and they did say that Mrs. (her last name) asked for a extension and that I had the MCO’s. Maybe they misunderstood your wife as me. Who knows.” Say WHAT? That’s exactly what they did, bitch.

Keith wrote her back.

“Ex’s name,

I am NOT being PLEASANT about the proof YOU have shown ME? You have shown me NOTHING except HARASSMENT, FALSE ACCUSATIONS, NAME CALLING, DISPARAGING COMMENTS. I know all about your phone call to the airlines this morning and I can really care less about it. The fact is, after your phone call, you IMMEDIATELY turned around and pointed your ALMIGHTY ACCUSATORY (her name) FINGER at us, AGAIN, accusing us of wrong doing and this time it is thru “IMPERSONATING YOU!” You think THAT is something we would be proud of? NOT HARDLY! Not to mention it is illegal to impersonate someone you are not. Besides, if this were the case, why haven’t you pressed charges against us like you said you would the LAST time you accused us of this VERY same thing? I will tell you why… because JUST like the LAST time, We have PROVEN YOU WRONG…AGAIN!

MAYBE they misunderstood my wife as you? MAYBE? There ain’t no MAYBE’S about it! They did misunderstand but you could care less about that! You AUTOMATICALLY POINT THAT ALMIGHTY FINGER and say, “UH… impersonations!” just like always, ALWAYS accusing us of illegal actions and wrong doings. ME and maybe about a handful of other people who were at Dales house on Sunday know. GOD himself knows. “YOUR TONGUE PLOTS DESTRUCTION, IT IS LIKE A SHARPENED RAZOR. YOU WHO PRACTICE DECEIT, YOU LOVE EVIL RATHER THAN GOOD FALSEHOOD RATHER THAN SPEAKING THE TRUTH, YOU LOVE EVERY HARMFUL WORD, O YOU DECEITFUL TONGUE.” PSALMS 51:2-4

Why am I so upset? Gee, I don’t know… maybe it is because you have NOTHING better to do than HARASS me and my wife, falsely accuse us of illegal actions and wrong doings and TOTALLY defame our CHARACTER. Other than that…I am not upset at all. I look forward to the day that I can turn this all over to my attorney and have it brought before the judge.

Don’t tell me to relax. YOU BACK OFF! Go back into your little hiding hold you crawl into when your husband is around…like when the kids were here at Christmas, and LEAVE US ALONE!

You do not merely ask about anything. You ACCUSE and then when I can prove OTHERWIS you TRY another angle…another lie if you will (like telling me the kids are not earning miles…and accusing me and blaming me and TELLING me that I RUINED that benefit (her husband) was helping them out on” or you cry FOUL. this is your MO. the only person who believes your lies is YOURSELF!

The fact is…those MCO’s were received within the last couple of weeks. They were postmarked Dec. 29th. They were applied to the cost of the “Spring fare tickets.” You have been BENT OUT OF SHAPE ever since I told you that I would be applying them to the airfare and have attacked is like a RABID PIT BULL! The very LEAST I can say is that at least I told about them, that I had them and I was going to use them (on Jan.8th, 2000 at 555pm I told you this)…unlike you and your OVERCHARGING me in AIRFARE! Remember that? REMEMBER how MAD you got when you were called on the carpet for THAT? REMEMBER calling my home and cussing out my wife and BLAMING HER for your impending divorce and all the NASTY HARASSING E-mails you sent me following?

Keep it up (her name)- I will continue to prove you wrong EVERY STEP OF THE WAY….from EOB’S and REIMBURSEMENTS to anything you THROW my way. I have had it with you and your CONSTANT LIES and HARASSMENT, you wrote on 1-4-2000: “there is no reason why we shouldn’t be able to continue that relationship with each other…I thought it would be ok and it has never been ok, You make sure of that.” Remember that one?! TAKE A LOOK IN THE MIRROR (her name), AND YOU WILL SEE WHY WE CAN’T AND WHY IT HAS NEVER BEEN OKAY!

GET OFF MY BACK AND LEAVE US ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” He later reminded her that on January 9th, he told her that there was an extension on the date to purchase the tickets.

A person can only take so much, and he was at his limit.

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