March 13, 2000

Ex was still going on and on about airfare, and attending the with the kids. She can’t be kind or generous and send the kids, by paying the airfare for them, she’s trying to jam him up and guilt him into paying half. Maybe she should use the child support she got to pay for their tickets… just a thought.

Anyway, Keith told her again, that he cannot afford to help pay for the kids expense to attend, no splitting the cost, nothing. He said he wished he could but he can’t. He told his ex he doesn’t need this hassle right now, especially right now. He reminded his ex that his mother just died and he doesn’t need this hassle from her. He told her to not ask again about this issue and he’s told her 4 times already that he cannot help. That was at 1230pm. 4 times in 3 days, WTF is WRONG with this woman!

9 hours later she whips off another email. The subject of this email is (son’s name) and (daughters name) Grandma. She goes on to write:

“Richard, (she started calling him this, or “Dick” which only SHE calls him because EVERYONE calls him by his middle name, Keith.)

More importantly here is the fact that (son) and (daughter) have lost their grandmother. They will not have the opportunity to share that loss with their family as they should. Your rudeness with my concern over the kids and their loss is uncalled for.

This is an emergency and one that could have been organized despite the money so that the kids could attend the funeral. If something were to happen to you would you like to me to say to them that I cannot afford to send them.

I realize that you are not able to afford so that is why I offered to help. Once again you have not said when or where the funeral so that we can attend or send flowers at least.

I knew Betty for over 17 years now and she was always so generous and nice she would want the kids to attend her funeral so that they could be with all of the family during this time. I can still see her when she was still her old self as I never saw her sick and she always wanted her family to get along together and to have peace and love in her home. I know she is without pain and confusion now and now she is with loved ones who left before her. I hope you find the peace that she wanted you to have and that while you share the memories of her with your family you remember her grandchildren who were not able to attend because of money and due to lack of love or caring from (son) and (daughter). May God see you through this, (ex’s name).”


Keith wrote her back at 1052pm:

“(ex’s name),

Another important fact is that (son) and (daughter) ALSO lost their UNCLE 13 months ago. They did NOT share THAT loss with their family “as they should” either. Them attending HIS funeral was not an issue. Your TOTAL disrespect to me and my family during this time of loss is COMPLETELY uncalled for.

This is NOT an emergency. The emergency happened when they could NOT revive MY MOM at the nursing home she was in…just minutes before my DAD got there to see her. THAT was the emergency. The viewing and funeral are the AFTERMATH of that emergency.

If you want to send flowers you can send them to my house. My dad is here along with all my other relatives (who, by the way are well aware of your e-mails so far and not appreciating them in the least), and he will be sure to get whatever arrangement you send.

If you want to pay $356.00 for tickets (plus whatever extra fee there is for whatever reason) for the KIDS to attend, an hour and a half service you do that. (I would appreciate it) They can stay here WITH ME of course and they will attend the service WITH ME. I CANNOT afford to spend the money right now, for as much as I would want THEM here WITH ME. YOU, however, are not welcomed to attend. YOU have caused so much stress for us during this time, unnecessarily, it is PATHETIC and SICK! LEAVE ME ALONE, (ex’s name). Keith.”

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