March 14, 2000

She just doesn’t stop. on this day at 1:46pm she emailed her response to Keith. She writes:

“So sorry to hear that you are so upset you fail to see that in the event of your brothers passing you failed to inquire if the kids could attend or attempted to get them to visit. It is I who is requesting and inquiring for the kids to attend the funeral. You never mentioned it.

Go ahead that let all your relatives see the e-mails and maybe they will see that I am concerned about the kids being there during this time. And rudeness to even tell us when the funeral is or where it is being held seems rather odd.

More odd is that the e-mails you are sending don’t sound as if you wrote them. (son) and (daughter) have been bothered and upset by the loss of their grandmother and even more upset by attitude with me through your e-mails.

How can you turn this around and accuse me of causing stress when I asked you if the kids could attend and you have never even mentioned the fact that they could or not. You never even brought up the subject. You left them out on purpose because of your other obligations.

I fell that their grandmothers passing was in fact an emergency of a family emergency. Obviously you have the family you need there to sooth you during your loss and you don’t need the kids. They understand.

I don’t understand but like you said who cares about me. I am just their mother. Too bad you feel that I can’t and shouldn’t attend Betty’s funeral. I have thought of her often and now God will be able to share her peace in heaven. may God forgive you all the hate you have inside for others.”

UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE! My mother in law died 3/10/2000, just 4 days ago. Keith has told his ex that he cannot afford to pay for the kids airfare to come out 4 times, BUT he did tell her that if she wanted to pay $356 for tickets (per child) plus any extra expense, she could and he would APPRECIATE it. Why didn’t she do that? Out of the KINDNESS and GOODNESS of her heart? Clearly she didn’t want to. Yet she tells the kids otherwise, blames their dad for all this and tells them their dad doesn’t need or want them there.


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