March 16, 2000

Keith had been talking and emailing with his kids, since his mom passed away. He told them on 3/11 that he wished they could be there. His daughter wrote him back on 3/13 telling him that she really wanted to come down here, but she “guesses we can’t.” She tells him on 3/15 that she knows that “g-ma will always be in my heart always.” Keith responded to this and explained to his daughter that he wanted them to be here, but that he could not afford to pay half of the expenses. He said he explained that to her mom, and that he also told her mom that if she wanted to pay for the airfare to get the kids there, she could, and he would really appreciate that. He also told his daughter who was almost 14 now, that instead, he got accused of leaving her and her brother out on purpose and of not needing them there to sooth him because he has the family he needs there. He explained that her grandma had family that couldn’t attend and no one was holding it against them, and that no one was accusing them of things that were not true. He told his daughter that he hopes she understood and that he hopes she knows that if he had the money to get them there, they would have been there, and that he was looking forward to seeing them in a couple of weeks.

HIs daughter wrote back that she wasn’t made at him but she was really mad when she heard her and her brother couldn’t come down. “…I was so mad…” she added. She had sent a poem she wanted read at the funeral and the Priest did read it.

The EX then chimes in at 1006pm:

“So sorry to hear you misunderstood my compassion for the loss of your mother. The conversations that took place after you lost your temper were only between you and I. I never told the kids you didn’t want them there or that you didn’t need them.

So your email to (daughter) confused her I never said anything to her about you. I let both kids make up their own minds based on their conversations with you. I never said anything to either of the kids about you. (her name)”

REALLY now? I doubt that, but if it is true, then the saying, “what you do in darkness will come to light.” really shines here.

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