The Sims

(Responded to N at 7:45am)

Hey N,

We didn’t send anything that needed a signature, we sent you both some candy from Sarah’s birthday party and a letter or two for you that came from your friends.

We sent this on July 21st, I can’t believe it still has not gotten to you. Dad said that there are some carriers that will just leave a notice for pickup if no one is home. how goofy.

R came over for Sarah’s birthday party. He said he wished he could have seen you when you were here. He didn’t brig the kids with him because they went with their mom out of town.

We saw him again last Saturday at Jakes birthday party. He brought the kids this time. Josh is coloring his hair, but it is an orange-y color. Him and his football buddies were saying that they were trying to make it blonde like yours! BOY WERE THEY OFF!

What is the stuff we bought for you? Jo said the stuff she was trying to get was from a beauty supply store and they would not sell it to her because she did not have a license! I told her your hair color stuff was purple, and when you were thru it came out looking real good. Is it still blonde?

Well, take care and have a safe trip home.


“…we all dream a lot- some are lucky some are not, BUT if you think it, want it dream it, then it is real…” Patricia “

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