The Sims

(sent to Stepson at 8:32am)

” Hi again,

you must have pushed send button on accident! This message was blank! LOL!

ANYWAY….thanks for telling me about the package. I called the post office and spoke to a supervisor. I thought that maybe the package had been damaged in transit, but the supervisor said the reason the notices were left, (2 of them) was because where your grandma lives s considered to be part of their “out of bounds” area, that her home is located “too far off the road.”

She said that if you had gotten the other packages delivered to you at the house before then the carrier may have known your grandma, and delivered them for her.

She said they are a rural route and that the carriers do not get out of their vehicles so notices are left for all packages

that’s all. I called them mainly because of your mail that was in the package. We sent this package on July 31st and it has been at the Post office since August 2nd.

talk to you later!


“…we all dream a lot- some are lucky some are not BUT if you think it, want it, dream it, then it is real…” Patricia”

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