She Knows

The ex called Keith at 7:10pm. She was pissed. She told Keith that she got a call from her provider of service “regarding a fax your wife sent.” I sent the fax to one employee, but another employee allegedly called.

Ex told Keith she has no pending claims. The kids hadn’t been seen since April and it is now September. She said she doesn’t need some person in LA to fax her doctors her insurance information.

She said,

J- Speak to your wife and tell herto keep her nose out of my personal business. Maybe she’d like to OWN my kids. Is she bored? Does she not have time to (inaudible) her kids?

K- don’t start!

J- She would be very offended if I did the same to her if I found out who her kids doctor is.

Huh? That makes no sense. SHE and I don’t have kids together. THAT would be an invasion of privacy.

She told Keith that

J- (the office lady) was VERY upset, VERY upset. She said “I don’t want to stir up anything I don’t want you to call her, I don’t want to start no argument, I just don’t wanna….” and I go, “look lady, It’s no big deal” you know I don’t know what to tell her to reassure her in her place of business that somebody was trying to do something that they shouldn’t be doing. She was embarrassed, it’s harassment. I wasn’t even going to call, but I felt so violated.


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