Apology Letter

SO I sent that provider the ex talked about last night, an apology letter.

RE: Fax I sent on 9-11-00 /Letter of Apology

Dear (Lady’s name),

Last night, at approximately 710pm, (the ex) called my home to speak to my husband about that fax I sent you on 9-11-00, in regards to (ex’s) NEW secondary insurance information I gave you.

It was conveyed to me that PER (EX), you were “VERY concerned and confused by the fax” and “VERY, VERY upset by it.” It was also conveyed to me that per (EX) you advised her that you “did not want to stir up anything, ” you ” did not want her to call me” and you “did not want to start any arguments.” I was informed that (EX) told you that “it was no big deal.” (apparently it was a big deal after all.)

As I had explained to you in the fax, my reason, the reason for the fax was simply because I had been in the process of updating EVERYONE involved, including BOTH insurance companies of NEW information. ( I advised our insurance of Ex’s new coverage and Ex’s insurance of our PRIMARY coverage on SS and SD.) as well as our providers and hers. I was doing something that needed to be done, that hadn’t been done as of that date.

Please accept my sincere apologies for ANY inconvenience the fax caused you while conducting necessary business, and ESPECIALLY for upsetting you as badly as EX stated you were. Thank you.

Patricia (last name)

(phone number)

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