Ex emailed this morning at 7:55 am.

Subject: Insurance

She listed 6 items, and states:

2. Your accusations that I have done something is totally WRONG as you are most of the time when it comes to your kids. I have given all new medical and dental information to each of my providers as I have used their services. I can only pass on the information to the providers I can’t stan there and make sure they process it correctly. The insurance companies have all been given the proper information and if they also do not process it correctly that is no fault of mine. I unlike you don’t have the time and energy to waste on making the world a perfect place. I can’t make people process my insurance information correctly. I give it to them and wait and see if the claims go through properly.

3. As far as dealing with my insurance company is exactly that my insurance company and you have no right or no authority and certainly do not have my permission to access my insurance companies for any reason.

5. There is no reason for you to provide my insurance information to my providers. I can take care of that if there is a problem. You seem to be the only one who knows there is a problem.

6. Yes very much harassment. My insurance, my providers are not your concern. If there is a problem forward the information to me and I will take care of it.

Like I told you on the phone I have no reason not to use all insurance coverage available to both of us. I will not use the insurance companies for a free ride though. I am taking care of (SS and SD) and I will continue to do so with the best providers I can find, regardless of cost. It is not about cheap service, but quality care.

You are not entitled to anything regarding my insurance. I will press charges if you continue to invade my privacy and harass my providers and myself. You take care of yourself and your nosy wife and kids and let me take care of my insurance and my doctors and dentists.

There was no reason for your embarrassing actions.


The ex seems to be under the impression we are calling for the status of claims for HER. No. Since Keith has to pay one half of uncovered medical claims, he CAN call, or authorize me as his agent, to call for the status of a claim that’s been submitted regarding the kids.

Besides, what’s she bitching for? She’s called HIS insurance for one reason or another, AND she also had information CHANGED in his insurance file.

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