March 29, 2001

Ex emailed this morning at 7:23am. Whining about Summer visitation. By the way…The kids are supposed to arrive on April 2-6 for Spring visitation, and the ex is bitching about Summer.

She wrote, “the kids do not want to spend the last part of the summer at your house, nor do they want to spend 5 weeks at your house and yes I am afraid that is what I am going to do with this is their decision because that is what a judge would go with too. They are old enough to make up their minds…You have no plans for your vacation as you have never left the confines or your overheated trailer…If have chosen to take your vacation for the last part of summer then I suppose you have taken all that time off from work. I will get the proof that you didn’t…when a judge sees that you are hassling me to just have the kids be there when you get home and to leave them with your wife and kids all day to sit around in a non air-conditioned trailer during the hottest part of the summer while they wait for you to be selfish…if this is so important to you than go for it. You have already done yourself in with the way you handled things last summer. If the kids don’t want t go then too bad for you. Your loss my gain. (her name)”

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