While still talking about visitations, and J explaining what 5 weeks means (“And for further clarification 5 weeks is exactly even in weeks and days and hours. So your visitation does not go from Saturday to Sunday. A week is seven days to the closest hour….”)

She told him he took the first 5 weeks of summer last year and that schedule is the precedent she went with when planning her vacation schedule.

He told her he was not responsible for for her assumptions, and since when is his previous years visitation the “precedent” she goes by when planning HER vacation? It NEVER happened, she always took the end of June and the first week of July or the first two weeks of July for her vacation, and THAT is the time frame he used when making HIS vacation schedule. He said he didn’t fall off the turnip truck just now. HER retort is “No, you just fell under it and it ran over your heart leaving just your head to make business decisions about your kids and of course while you are unable to think for yourself your wife took over your head so now you are nothing.”

This is something she tells their kids. It’s so very sad.

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