June 11, 2001

Ex is not happy…are we shocked? HA! Are we surprised? HA! ANYWAY… She apparently can’t figure out WHY Keith just won’t fork over any money to her based on her word. She writes, “Why for the 5th time do you need written proof before agreeing to help out? Don’t you believe me?” IS SHE SERIOUS!?

She considers his asking questions about this “plan” as “obstacles you throw out before agreeing.” She can blame herself for that. Then she writes, “It does not say anywhere in any paperwork whether court ordered or not that you have to been given proof to pay for the kids. You and I are not required to provide written documentation of spending. Where do you get this from?” WAIT, isn’t this what child support is for? Doesn’t child support calculate somewhat the extra-curricular activities of the kids? AND, Well, there is THIS: https://www.adamlillylaw.com/faqs/2017/10/20/does-each-parent-have-to-pay-for-half-of-extracurricular-activities

She then goes on blathering on and on, and adds, “Matters regarding the kids are not set aside by you and your family to be handled when they are convenient to you. Do you do that with the kids that live with you? Do you require proof every time they want something? Do you have to take the time to review the issue about purchasing a toy before giving them the money? Do you tell them that when it is convenient to you then they can buy something? Of course not. But why are you doing that to (Son) and (Daughter)?? What do you stall when it comes to money for their purchases? Why do you require proof before agreeing? Because you treat them differently than those children you live with. Now is that fair??”

She is SO JEALOUS. She is so jealous that there are times we can buy our kids a toy they may want because I do work. I work because my husband has to pay support, and I love working and helping my husband out. OUR kids are almost 8 and 4. HER kids are 17 and 13, BIG difference. PLUS, I don’t LIE to Keith about the cost of things and OUR kids know the word NO, and the phrase, “we don’t have the money right now.”

CRAZY. Just CRAZY how she compares the kids.

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