June 13, 2001

OH, this lady is funny!! She sent Keith another email at 7:09am. She writes: “And what goes on in your house does concern me if it effects my kids just like you tell me.”

UM…not when HER kids aren’t here. She is SO MUCH about control. I think that’s what her issue is. She tries to control our house and it’s not happening. She controls her mother and probably her sister and her family as well, but she doesn’t control OUR house, not by ANY stretch of her imagination. That’s HILARIOUS!

She continues to tell him about money situations and says, “Your attitude about this whole school thing stinks.”

She ends this email writing, “Why haven’t you called me back?? Why haven’t you called the kids??? Are you still living at the same address??Are you still at home?? Are you ill?? Are you in a bad situation? Are you being held hostage or prison in your own home?? LOL”

THIS is one of the MANY reasons Keith doesn’t call her, and it’s one of the MANY reasons I call her “Spawn.” She’s evil. And she works with the public. Can you IMAGINE!?

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