June 19th 2001

The ex CALLED. One of the many thing she told Keith was that she was getting a restraining order against me to be around HER kids. Who knows what grounds she has, but I’m sure she will try with a whole bund of lies.

What I know is this:

1 She would have to go to court in San Diego.

2 She has to hire an attorney or appear herself.

3 She has to give notice before any of this happens.

4 She has to show grounds for her requested orders.

5 The grounds that would be granted are: If I strike the kids, if I sexually molest the kids, if I am lying to the kids about things that are causing problems between her and the her kids.

I know that just because she doesn’t like me isn’t going to work. The judge will look at it for what it is, Ex wife doesn’t like wife. How could a judge grant a R/O when the kids visit with their dad, I LIVE in the same house and have a child with their dad. No one would expect me to move from my home when her kids are around.

She has made all kinds of threats SO often. If she tries, She has a history of threatening me, lest she forgot.

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