June 19, 2001

EX EMAIL at 7:44am! LOL I just can’t imagine waking up and being pissed off every single day.

She tells Keith, I mean, “Dick” as she writes, that she only has one email address and accuses him of snooping, threatening that it will only get him deeper in a hole he is digging.

She then said she is an “individual and do not assume or have ever assumed anthers name that is not my own.” Well, he’s never gone by the name “Dick” or “Richard” and yet she calls him those names.

She lets Keith know that she is “no longer married to (her now ex husband apparently), as you have probably snooped around to find out. I have not been married for some time now and IT IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. MY PERSONAL LIFE IS JUST THAT MY PERSONAL LIFE. It has nothing to do with the raising and taking care of my children. “

HOLD THE FUCK UP: Just 6 days ago she told Keith that what goes on in OUR house DOES concern her if it “effects” her kids. OH WAIT, she was OBVIOUSLY KIDDING because she KNOWINGLY said, EFFECTS and not AFFECTS. SURELY she jests, LMAO.

She also said that what goes on in her house is none of her ex husband’s business. She writes, “So are you happy now that you can dig into my personal life for what reason. Just because you are JEALOUS. I am warning you again and telling you for the best interest and that would be for the kids, that you will stay out of my personal life. I will not tolerate your actions any longer and will seek legal advice to obtain a restraining against you and your family from any other contact than child visitations. My life is just that my life. If I hear of any more incidents where you are snooping into my life without my consent I will sue you.”

OH THE THREATS…Google her name, she’s out there, LOL…


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