November 7th, 2001

Trying to set up Christmas visitation for this year. Keith had emailed her and reminded her that he is entitled to two weeks at Christmas whether he is working or not, but he has agreed with the kids for them see their family in San Diego for one week. He said he also knows that SHE has told him on the phone and through emails and that she has expressed to the kids that his home is a prison and that I am a prison maiden and he is a warden and that we are mean and he is stubborn.

She didn’t like that. She accused him of listening in on her conversation with them. She said she knows they wouldn’t tell him anything unless she told them to. She went on to say, “You are too strict with them and not strict with your own children.”

She said, “I tried to explain what they are accustomed to so that you could hopefully blend your parenting and family with them with little or no difficulty. You did not listen and you told me that it was your home and things were to be done your way. That is one of the reasons your daughter came home early, that and you lost your temper with her.”

She is DELUSIONAL. Good grief. She acts like we JUST became a blended family. Keith and I have been married since 1996, LOL. The kids stayed with me for 4 days in December 1994 when Keith had to go to work the day their grandmother was to pick them up. WHO is she kidding?

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