November 13, 2001

WOW, this woman….

She and Keith are talking about Christmas 2001 visitation. She plays games, seriously. She had known, apparently, since October that the kids said “there was no point” for them to come out, allegedly because Keith has to work. Keith called her on the carpet for it, for stringing him along with all the emails and convos about them coming out. At one point she was agreeable Keith would be them for a week, that the airfare would be 50% off and they would be flying out of Spokane. Keith said, “You agreed to all this, knowing the kids say ‘there’s no point.” since I am not off the entire week they are here, and YOU are agreeable with THEIR decision.” He said he is so sick of her games every single time it’s his turn for visitation. She didn’t like this.

In her response to him today at 8:52am she wrote, “… For the amount of time they spend with you they have limited if any visits with their relatives. They may see their grandfather once or twice in 5 weeks as well as their uncle. They did not visit with their older brother and sister at all during the summer. As as for a two year old, he doesn’t know the difference… the kids don’t want to visit unless you have time off work. This is because they have visited before while you are working and they don’t like it.”

Why does SHE care so much of what goes on at our house when the kids are trying to visit with their dad? WHY does she continue to bring up other people who aren’t a part of this situation and WHY does she continue to bring up MY kids? Who has a two year old? My kids are 8 and 4. and are aware and know the difference.

GEEZUS, she is sick.

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