November 14th, 2001

Good GRIEF… this woman pays no attention to anything or has a very short memory.

Keith had ALREADY agreed to visiting with the kids for ONE WEEK at Christmas so they can spend the other week with her mother (and probably herself too), but in this email today at 8:58am, she tells Keith “You are so mean!” and that the kids were going to stay home since Keith “can’t seem to compromise with them for Christmas.” CRAZY!

She then brought everything up but the kitchen sink. She told Keith she doesn’t “say bad things” to the them” about Keith “nor have I ever” she says. (No? Never? they just parrot what she says about Keith)

She said, “I never gave you permission to record my conversations…” Well, KNOWING that he records her conversations with him and between her and I, and she continues to verbally speak, seems to me to be “permission granted” since knowingly does so.

She said about her kids, “They aren’t stupid, the notice the massive electronic system you have installed to record, manipulate and investigate our lives.” Um, MASSIVE? Did they HAPPEN to take a picture of this MASSIVE electronic system he installed to record? Want to see the truth of our MASSIVE electronic system? This is what we used. I took one picture of the 2 pieces together and then what they look like in other images. LOL…Isn’t this MASSIVE?


She also says about her kids, “They also notice the locked bedroom door while you are gone.” UH, YEAH, that is the door to OUR bedroom, they need to be in there WHY? So what if the computer is in there, they don’t need to access it while we are not home, but more importantly, WHY are they trying to get into our room? There is nothing in our room that belongs to them. There is nothing in our room that is a necessity to THEM.

She continues, “They notice more time spent with your new family, and the time they spend just sitting around watching tv. They may have other ideas of things to do but are still dependent on you as their parent to make those arrangements and drive them to somewhere other than the trailer park….Or do your little kids run the entire house as well as tell you were to go when they want to go?…You are too busy with your new family to really see the kids you left behind…You did not want to see that the prison warden concept would eventually catch up to you. Your own children will see this too someday and the same thing will happen there. ” Then she takes a crack at him in regards to his older two kids, who are 32 years old and 29 years old and from Keith and his Ex wife #1.

She just can’t leave other people’s kids out of her madness.

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