Subject Matter: Re: Eye Doctor

That’s what the subject matter is yet this is what she wrote today to Keith at 11:48am:

” I guess I should also check on Pats previous man, you know the father of sara, the one who dealt drugs out of the country and was arrested and thrown in jail for drug charges and child abuse.

If you really want the kids to know I have nothing to hide except to protect your appearance to them. I was broke and you were living with another woman and not supporting us. I took in roommates to help cover the cost of living. not my fault that Danny was accused of drug dealing when they searched my house it was clean as was his house and all of his friends houses.. no drugs were ever in my home and no drug dealing were going on. however, I am still friends with all those people and feel not threat. my kids have met and know danny quite well. why are you so jealous and angry about my life. it is my life you. At least I pay to support my kids.”

Say WHAT?!?

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