SO, Keith’s ex decided to bring up Anthony in one of her emails, on 3/5. https://mspisceangal2020.com/2002/03/05/subject-matter-re-eye-doctor/ . I wrote Anthony on 3/6 and sent him a printed copy of what she wrote, and Keith’s response.

Keith told his ex, “Another clear example of talking about something you know nothing about. But, to give you a heads up, your original email will be printed and sent to the ” the father of sara” along with a note that we are 100% supportive of which ever rode he decides to take this. I believe you have stepped over the line with this, and it will be his decision what he wants to do about it. He is not EVER mentioned in any emails or letters by me. YOU are the one that has mentioned him in yours, and you know nothing about him or his life and neither do we.”

I told Anthony that we would be supportive of him should he decide to anything about this (civil suit for slander, libel or whatever).

I told him I had no idea why Keith’s ex decided to bring him into the mix. I told Anthony that I had told Keith that while he and I have no relationship, I would stand up for him as he is the biological father of my daughter and Keith agreed. I found Keith’s ex’s comments so untrue and very disturbing, in my opinion totally unnecessary and hurtful. It makes me wonder, if she would say this to Keith, who else has she said this to.

I let Anthony know that if he talks to a paralegal or an attorney, and they want to talk to Keith and I, please give them our numbers.

I sent this letter Del Con. Anthony received it today.

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