Today in Sports…

(1800 hours- email sent to my sister, my step-kids and their grandmother)

“Hi Everyone,

it was another day of basketball and another set of EARLY morning games, both Sarah and Thomas had games at 8 am. I went to Sarah’s and Keith went to Thomas’s.

Keith said that in Thomas’s game, he got elbowed right on his face, his cheekbone to be exact, and he never cried. (Tough Guy!) He also said that Thomas was making nearly all his baskets in warm ups this morning, and wondered why he wasn’t given the ball during the fame. He is a hustler, that’s for sure! He is now taking a nap! LOL!

In Sarah’s game…Well, I am having visions of her softball team, Purple Princess Bombers! That great team went all the way to the Championship and won. The Mavericks are 6-0 and with todays win! They beat the Kings, 41-11! 41-11! FORTY ONE TO ELEVEN! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! That is their highest scoring game yet!

Sarah did real well today, got a couple assists and a couple of rebounds but passed the ball to another teammate right away. Her coach told her to just try and make the shot next time, and she tried, bless her heart and got way-laid. by the other team! She got knocked down sideways, landed on her left knee first then her side was out the rest of the game, about 10 minutes or so. She could hardly walk earlier today, but the swelling has now gone down and it’s a little bruised, but she is fine. Another teammate took her free throw shots, and made one out of two, and all the boys (she was the only girl on the team today) kept asking her if she was ok. She liked that a lot.

And THAT is the D’s sports reports for the week… next week Thomas has no game, and Sarah’s is at 11am (Thank God! LOL) at Sims Park.

Toodles, P~”

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