Good Morning

“Hi L & N,

Hope all is well with you. Thomas really enjoyed talking to you the other day. He asked about calling you for a week or so already! Hopefully he will be able to talk to you again! He just thought that was the greatest thing! He told Colleen his “girlfriend” that he got to talk to his “big sister” and he was just smiling away! He loves you!! He was bummed that Dad had hung up because he wanted to talk to you too N, but dad told him you both had to eat dinner and you L, had to get off the phone. Maybe next time…

His team (the Lakers) practice on Friday nights and play on Saturdays. Last Saturday, if they kept score, they would have lost, thank goodness they don’t keep score! 😉 He wants to join to join the childrens choir at church. They youngest age is 5, and since he will be 5 in a couple months, they might let him.

Sarah is doing good. She is looking forward to Spring break and no school hard to believe that school is almost over! Her class is going on a field trip on Monday, the 25th and she is real excited about that! They are going to the IMAX theater and a museum in Los Angeles. Her basketball team won ;ast Saturdays game too, 25-?? I forget right now, I think 25-18 or something like that. So the Mavericks are 4 for 4! She will join the childrens choir at church, this is something she REALLY wanted to do for a long time.

As you heard, my stepmom passed away last Saturday. She was only 63. She would have been 64 this year. She is my dad’s second wife to die. I feel bad for him. They were married nearly 33 years. Am I happy she died? No, not in the least. Granted we had our ups and downs a lot, but she is/was the only mother I had ever known, since my own mom died when I was 4. My dad is doing ok at the moment, it’s tomorrow that I am really worried about. The funeral is tomorrow. It has been a pretty rough week, but YOUR dad has been a Prince and very supportive. He went to to work today, for the first time since Saturday, and he will go in tomorrow for a couple hours, then will be off the rest of the day. My stepmom had some kind of disease that is more prevalent in people from the midwest. People from the midwest get this disease, whatever it is, more than anyone else. She also had a feeding tube. She couldn’t eat anything solid as she would get very sick and she had had a couple heart attacks already. she when she was taken to the hospital on Thursday, that was the last time. Her kidneys just failed. The doctor told my dad that had she even come out of this, she would have had to have dialysis and she would have that. My older brother and his family were down, and went home friday because they all thought she was getting better, she had been stabilized, only to find out by Saturday, she was not, and they came right back. My dad said it reminded him of when my mother passed away. He and my grandparents had been at the hospital when my mom came out of her coma, and had just left to come home to regroup, only to be called back because she suddenly turned for the worse. My mom was even up talking and laughing with everyone before she died. Weird, huh? Anyway… no one really knows the cause of death. She had been taking a lot of medicines for different things. When they would diagnose one thing and treat it, something else would pop up. When they would diagnose that and treat it, it would be something else and so on. So when we know for sure, I will let you know. A weird thing too, is that she was in the same exact room as Uncle Johnny when he passed away. Those memories of seeing him in that same room flooded back. 😦

Anyway…Thomas is calling me, so I have to go, take care!



Written 3/21/02 at 12:15pm- because my husband had told me my stepdaughter asked him if I was “happy” about my stepmom’s death.

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