(14:01 email sent to my sister, stepkids and their grandmother)

“well, we missed Thomas’s game this morning since it was at the same time as Sarah’s…AGAIN 😦 at 8am! I got an earful from Thomas about it of course , then his coach showed up at the park we were at for Sarah’s game and he talked to Thomas, which seemed to help.

Sarah’s team won again…37-17. She played real well, caught a few rebounds and passed the ball. She even started to dribble down the court but the ball was stolen from her, she was not happy, but everyone was cheering her on for her efforts! PRETTY COOL! There are two boys on her team who have been nicked named the “Twin Towers”! They are NOT twins, not even related, but they are both big boys, TALL and great players! Another player on her team is in commercials, and Sarah saw him in a McDonalds commercial this morning. That was cool!

Next week is their last game…:-( what a season! They will be getting trophies at that time. The coach was talking to a couple of us parents after the game to see what they plan was for their last game. Nothing was decided yet.

As of today, Sarah’s tea is 9 and 0 (somehow over the last couple weeks, I lost a couple games, but they only played 10 games and Sarah’s team has won 9 so far) If you ask Thomas, his team has won all of their games as well!

This is about it…I did get their pictures today, so we are soooo excited and they are attached. I also signed Sarah up for softball for the Summer! Not sure what we are going to do with Thomas yet, gotta find a summer baseball league for him or something.

Have a great day!

Toodles, P~”

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