Last Games

(09:50 am email sent to my sister, stepkids and their grandmother)

“Sarah and Thomas had their last games yesterday. Thomas’s was at 9am. If I had to pick 2 games that the Lakers lost, it would have been to the team they played yesterday. They played them twice and lost both times, so their record ended up being 8-2… pretty good for little 5 and 6 year olds! His team had a little party but we couldn’t go because it was at noon and that’s what time Sarah’s game was at, so he got his trophy and certificates right after the game. He was SOOO excited!

Sarah and the Mavericks of course ended the season the way it began, with a Win! They beat the Raptors, 31-6! Sarah did really good, she had an assist. Amazing how closer to the end of the season her game improves! There’s always next season! The Mavericks ended the season 10-0. A friend of hers was on the other team so they were cutting it up on the court, but they were having fun! It got to the point that we were all cheering when the Raptors scored their 6 points!

Her team is having a party next weekend at Golf n Stuff, and we are all looking forward to that! She will then get her trophy and certificate.

I’m thinking in Mid May she will start softball practice, and then opening season, or her first game will be June 15th or there abouts! Still not sure what with Thomas…Karate maybe?! lol! Can you see him doing that? He was my dog “Rex” the other day so ANYTHING is possible! LOL! (Weird Kid!!!)

Tonight both kids are singing in the children’s Church choir!

Have a great Sunday!”

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