Again With The False Accusations

Ex wrote Keith a little while ago. Her email of 9:41pm accuses me of trying to get information. She writes, ” I checked with my health care provider, XXX aka XXX. and have found that your wife pat has tried to access medical records, EOB’s and other personal information. ” so she now has “password protected these records and I will continue to call all my providers and place passwords to protect my personal information.”

No one CARES about her personal information. Keith and I don’t anyway. Maybe someone else does, but not us. I can call for the status of claims though and will continue to do so.

ANYWAY, she writes more crap about how he is supposed to handle the EOB’s, as if he/we don’t know.

She goes on to say “I have read all court documents since 1990 and I am not required to carry health insurance on the children. To say the extra expense I will be looking into cancelling the insurance for the kids, or at least reducing the coverage especially if you continue to hassle me over insurance for the kids.

Only a few months left to pay for (son) but there is still three years left with (daughter). Get over your hate now. I have. Just so we are clear on this matter. Do not call the health, vision or dental providers I use to the care of (son) and (daughter) or myself. Continuing to do so will result in my termination of the insurance I carry to help lower costs to both of us.”

WTF? We KNOW by law that she is OBLIGATED to use any and all insurance afforded to her, if she tries to cut the kids off her insurance or even reduce it, out of clear vindictiveness, that would be a matter for counsel to be involved with. (didn’t she recently say I was vindictive? HA, go figure…)

While she lives in WA state, County of San Diego still holds jurisdiction of the divorce papers, and according to what I’ve read, “

When Do Children Have to Be Covered By Insurance?

Parents Covered by Health Insurance

Parents who are covered by health insurance, whether government-sponsored or employer-based, are legally required to make sure that their kids are also covered by that plan. Coverage must last until the children are no longer eligible for insurance protection. When parents are married this is fairly simple to guarantee. When parents get divorced, things can become more complicated.

After a divorce, parents are required to keep their kids on their healthcare plan. Parents may only stop coverage if the premiums and plan become cost prohibitive. California law explains that a plan will be considered “cost-prohibitive” if it exceeds 5 percent of a parent’s gross income.

If parents fail to keep their children covered by health insurance they can face some serious legal consequences. Since health insurance is required by law, shirking this responsibility will be considered a breach of child support obligations. This can result in criminal consequences, civil penalties,  and well as have a negative impact on custodial rights.” How Are Health Insurance Costs Factored Into Child Support? – Fernandez & Karney (

SO, let her try. Contrary to what SHE thinks and believes, Keith has ALWAYS covered the kids except when the company he HAD folded in the early 1990’s, but then he was working for the Post office and had coverage. SHE had gone on welfare for a brief time, and said they covered the kids medical. Keith also paid her money that she didn’t tell welfare about, according to a letter she wrote Keith, but I digress.

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